Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh my goodness, nooooooooooooooooooooo

I found another b-a-d- website. My Keepsake Quilting catalogue came in the mail and I was browsing through it while "talking" to Kristina on the phone.  I really do more listening than talking ~~ bet that surprised you. 

And then I saw it.  I was hooked, I really really was.  You all know I should have been born on the prairies.  I love Prince Edward Island, but I l-o-v-e Saskatchewan.  I love the wide open spaces and the prairie skies.  You have never seen sky until you see them in the west.  They are unbelievable.

Take a look at this.......................

that is just the most perfect scene.  I can relate to it.  Not the red barn, but those fields and that fence and the sky.   If you keep browsing through her website, it gets better ~~ or worse   ~~ depends on your way of thinking. 

I could do this one too. 

Karl and I saw one of these magnificent beasts on a trip out west one year.  He was huge and standing on a hill top just as the sun was going down.  This was in the days before digital cameras and I have this photo taken at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  I was quite happy with how it turned out.

I saw this quilt too.....................I should never open these catalogues, but I have the fabric for this one.  I think I'm making it for grandson #2.  I'll do it up with greens and creams, green being his favourite colour.  Good taste that boy has.

While I was searching for the photo I found this.  I have a couple of friends that are going to enjoy it.  I do every time I read it.

God lives in Saskatchewan
In a four house town with a gas station
and a grain elevator.
Saskatchewan is God's own land.
He cleared away all the mountains and the trees
so He could see forever.
He sits on His porch
and keeps an eye on the cosmos and listens
to the music of the spheres.
And He watches the Ontario drivers zip through
to Banff as fast as they can
without even looking around.
Then He carefully jots down the license numbers
in a book for future reference.

By George I'm sure glad we stopped in Sask. every time we went west. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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