Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The mystery is continued.......

Sewing those l-o-n-g strips.

On clue 4 we were told to take 2 fabrics and cut them 3" wide.  From one fabric 3 strips, from the other 2.  We were to leave them the full width..................40 some odd inches.

Here is your tip

Cut the strips the required size.  In this case it was 3" wide by W.O.F. (width of fabric)

Leave your fabric folded in half and lay the folded edge on one of the lines on your cutting mat.

At the open end of the strips, make a cut through the two layers of each strip.  You want to remove all the selvedge edges.  Do not cut each individual strip.  You want them all the be the same length.

Find the centre of the two strips you are to sew together and pin them together.

At one end pin the two together.  Now start pining from the center to that pin.  Do the same for the other end.

Stitch the two strips together.

Do the same with the next strip, but sew in the opposite direction from the first stitching.  You can press your seams as you go along, but always follow the pattern directions when doing so.

You will find that you have perfect strips if you use this method.  I promise you that! and a promise is a promise is a promise, isn't it?

Today is someone's birthday, someone very special to us.  One year ago today Miss Misty was born to what must have been a wonderful mother and father and was given a forever home by two humans that think she is just the cat's meow.
Happy Birthday girl.
We love you to bits.
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Humboldt Broncos
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