Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life goes on

Last week turned out to be crappy.  No other word for it.  I made a deal with two other people 3 years ago, that I would purchase the 3 Anne of Green Gables patterns available at that time, if they would each make one of the wall hangings and we could put them in the upcoming quilt show.  Something truly Canadian.  Something truly unique.  Something you won't see very often.

The two people I asked were all in favour.  Yes, get them and at 20 some odd dollars each I did.

I also purchased the Anne fabric that everyone wanted for the backings, everyone got to pick their favourite from the website.  This is special as you can only purchase it on the Island.  Prince Edward Island that is.  Our friends, Jan and Reg, drove into Charlottetown with us and Jan and I shopped while the men patiently waited.

The three of us each made a wall hanging and had them custom quilted by the same girl.  They turned out beautifully.  I made sure I bought enough fabric for the hair so everyone would have the same.  We purchased the tree trunk fabric just for these wall hangings and I brought back the sea and sky fabric for everyone to use.  I really, really put a lot of time and effort into this.

This is mine............................

This is Barb's.......................................

and this belongs to Charleen.
After all this I was told last week that one of them won't be in the show.  It can't be in because if the person who puts something in the show cannot give us time to work a shift, they can't have anything hung.

To say I'm hurt and disappointed is putting it mildly.  Someone has let me down and it could be avoided.  I wasn't told until I phoned their house to talk about something else in the show (after being reassured the week before she would definitely be here for the show) and there was a laugh and the words.................well, I guess I won't be putting anything in the show.  Her husband was talking in the background and told her she wouldn't be back in time.  He wants to visit his friends on the way home.

This was an agreement between friends made 3 years ago and in one fell swoop her husband has decided that this show isn't a priority. That what we agreed to and worked so hard on meant nothing. They will extend their holiday well past the quilt show and let down other people. I don't enter into agreements with people and then back out.  It isn't part of my nature.  If the date is on the calendar regardless of what comes up, I'm there doing what I promised to do.  We have worked our holidays around things because I've become involved in.  Karl wouldn't have it any other way, either.  He has the same nature.  If you take something on, regardless of what it is, you do it and you do it to the best of your ability.

I didn't waste my time making my wall hanging.  I love it, but I'm hurt to think we spent so much time and put so much effort into this and it is fluffed off as if it is nothing. 

As the old saying goes..................I won't get mad, but I will get even.  No not really.  But things will certainly never be the same between us again.  Will I ever ask this person to do something with me again?  No.  I want dependable, reliable people around me, not people that make a commitment and then don't honour it.

My Anne fabric and my label.

The stitching detail in two of the quilts.
From Quilton's doings

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