Thursday, January 12, 2012

Have I got a

place for you to shop!!!  Its online and I found it because I couldn't find what I needed up here. 

As you know I'm doing the mystery quilt at my little local quilt shop (more on this another day) and my mate and I looked at the fabric and thought "YIKES!" it looks like we are getting low.  I also want to make a pillowcase to go with mine and I had a change in plans while doing one clue. 

That was long-winded wasn't it?  To make a long story even longer, I hit the internet.  I googled the fabric.......Etchings by Moda and up came two/three places.  One was Hancock's but they were out of stock.  Next up The Fat Quarter Shop in Texas.  I've never dealt with this store before, but heck I gave it a try.

They have this policy that if you order it before 3:00 pm CST it is shipped that day.  I placed the order in the morning and about an hour later I had an email to say it was being shipped that day.  It took awhile to land on my front porch as the holidays were on and we had days without mail being delivered.  (I can always go days without mail being delivered and then whack! I get a load of it.)

I was so surprised when it came.  Inside was this.......

the fabric folded beautifully, with this lovely envelope saying "thank you" right away and inside that envelope was my bill.

Now that's not all.  I had ordered backing for the quilt from Hancocks and was told it was on back order.  Then they told me it wasn't coming.  Sooooooooooo, I checked out the Fat Quarter Shop and they had what we both wanted.  I tried to place the order, but my charge card had reached its limit, so it was denied.  (It doesn't have a large limit cause it's my internet card.)  I phoned and spoke to a lovely young lady and explained my problem. 

I gave her the sku # for this fabric and the yardage requirements and the order was placed.  Yes, they had 10 yards in stock.  When I checked my emails in the afternoon, I found a confirmation from them to say my order was being shipped.  (Yes, its colourfast cause I tested a piece of the red I already have.)

***TIP.....If you don't pre-wash your fabrics, and lately a lot of them I haven't been, do a colourfast test on a 3" square of fabric.  It's better to have it run now than run later and ruin a quilt. I put the piece in a clear glass and run hot water on top of it.  If nothing happens, you are good to go! 

Customer service!  It lacks in so many places these days, but not here.  I love this store and yes I will be ordering from them again.  They deserve my business.

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