Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We had company

Morgan came for a visit last week-end.  We picked her up at 6:00 pm to take her for her testing at TaeKwanDo.  She was a bit nervous, but she did really, really well.  She got her yellow belt!  Hurrah!!! and was she thrilled.

On the way back home we stopped at the local fabric chain and picked up two pillow forms.  These are for the "old" girls in the family.  I bought this panel when we were in PEI last summer along with the backing.  I loved it and the timing was perfect for a visit to the shop.  It had just come in.  I bet it didn't last long.

Once we got home, Morgan took the board that she broke (you break it with your foot) and went down to Grandpa's workshop.  He has these "things" that you can make impressions with numbers and letters with.  She also made the happy face because she was happy.

The next day we baked.  Sugar cookies and fortunately for my waist line she agreed to take them home.  I wish I had taken a picture of the finished product.  Oh my there are a lot of decorations on them!!!!

While Morgan was doing other things, Grandpa and I got into the back bedroom and got some things finished up in preparation for a new bed being delivered this week.  Morgan is off the chesterfield and into a room from now on.  This room is cold, summer and winter!  Winter of course is the worst.  Thinking back I don't know how our daughter survived  it on freezing winter nights. 

We opted to hang quilts on the walls to warm the room up.  This--> one will hang on the long wall that the bed is going to be on.  It is one of my favourite pieces and with flannel on the back it should help to keep the cold at bay.  I'll do a switch out in the summer with my one and only applique quilt..........real applique!

This is the opposite wall.  Above the book shelf I'm putting up my little wall hangings most of which were made this year.  These are my favs!

The one on the bottom right will hold photos of the grands.  I have selected a few to replace the ones that were in it previously.  They had started to turn colour so I put them away.  We hung them with clips.  Karl is getting a bit ~~ shall we say ~~ "ticked" at nails and nail holes in the walls.

3M makes a brand that you can remove from the wall and move around.  I couldn't find them, but did find the removable tape so I put that on the back of clips and hope that they can be taken off when needs be.  If not I'm in deep trouble.  They have now been hanging since Saturday and they are still there, so guess it works.

The bed arrives today so I guess new quilts are on the way.  I'm using yellow, cream and red for the quilts.  Its all left overs from previous projects and they should stitch up pretty quickly.  If I don't get them done in time for the next visit.................this coming week-end, they can have quilts off the rack. I have a few in storage.

Tomorrow is December 1st.........the last BOM from Miss Shabby will be posted.  I'm thinking birdies at a Christmas Tree. 

I tried to send messages to two of my fellow bloggers last night, but the service was unavailable.  Bunny it is so good to see you posting again and well on the road to recovery.  Betweens, that was a nice pile of loot you received for your birthday.  I hope our service is back up soon.

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Humboldt Broncos
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