Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally Finished

I have started lots and now I'm getting them finished.  This is the table runner I started way back in the spring.  It has been to Prince Edward Island and Goderich and now it's done.  All I had to do was sew down the binding.  One evening's work but nooooooooooooo, I had to procrastinate.

There was this quilt I made doing the disappearing nine patch.  It was a "try" and it will keep a baby warm in Halton this winter.  It's also a sample for our November guild meeting.  I love the "scrappy" binding on this one.  Course as you know, I love binding.  I really do.  In the winter when I sit and watch tv sewing down the bindings keeps me nice and warm.

I love making labels.  I love the labels to say something about the quilt too.  I thought when I first saw this quilt......I'll machine quilt clowns and then someone said they didn't like clowns, they were afraid of them or some such thing.  I opted for animals animals.  Seeing as I did animals on the being a giraffe, I did one on the label.  Easy to find on the internet.  Just type in what you want and clip art after it.  I asked for baby giraffe clip art and google claims there were 815,000 in 22 seconds.  Gee whiz, I only wanted one.

This quilt is done too.  I made this so many years ago and it sat here.  It was suppose to be an example for a demo at the quilt show in 2008, but I took sick and never did the demo.  It came home and hung in the closet.  Then I thought I could send it to Slave Lake, but my son reminded me I had promised it to his first born so I sent it out and had it machine quilted by Robin.  It is going in the 2012 show and then next Christmas Brandon will get it. He can hang it on his wall or use it on his bed.  His choice.

This quilt is also going to go out to Healthy Babies, Healthy Children.  It is fabric that has been hanging around and some child may as well benefit from the warmth of it rather than take up space in my sewing room.  This one just and white binding.  I do not know why.  The boats I drew and machine quilted.  They are picked up from the blue fabric.

This was promised last week.  This is the tree skirt done in another colourway and used as a table topper.

Wanna see what we got yesterday?
Yup, it was the white stuff.  It didn't last, just a little -- no make that big -- cloud passing through, but its a reminder that winter is coming.

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Humboldt Broncos
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