Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wow, a brand new look

I was talking to Patti from the quilted threads blog yesterday and she mentioned about the background on her blog.  Her background is artwork by her sister and it is beautiful.  Here go take a look...............
This is the link to her blog:
I thought of doing something similar, but then after fiddling and fooling, I came up with this look which I must say I do like.  I liked the grey but we are now headed into the grey days of November and colour will be lacking outside my computer room window. 
I did shop at the Halton Hills show.  Not a lot.  I bought the book 3 times the charm at the show and if you want it, it is available at Chapters.  I also bought two layer cakes, not the edible kind, the sewing ones.
There are both from Moda.    I liked the two of them right away and have plans for them, but won't get to it until after Christmas.  I need some dark fabric for the borders and that can wait until I see a good sale.
I bought them from a little shop that is in Port Hope called Cozy Quilts.
I hope to actually get to the store one day.  Charleen said she would drive, but its going to have to be a guarantee of 100% sunshine before we head out that way.

 I bought two patterns while there too.  I love these.......snowmen.

I thought I would do this one as a little wallhanging.  I don't know which wall.  We may have to put one up for it.  We are running out of space. 

This is the other one.  A bit of embroidery and a bit of fusing.  I thought it would be great done a bit bigger and I could give it away as a Christmas quilt to one of my grands. 

If you go over to the website
and scroll around a bit you can see the patterns a bit better.  It is a nice site to visit so you may want to stay awhile and look around.

Talking of websites, I found a couple that I had never thought to visit.  One is by Accuquilt, you know the machine that accurately cuts your fabric for your appliques.  They offer "free" patterns on their website.  This link should take you right to them.

Then I found this one.  Free Christmas quilting projects.  I really like this one and you could make it with two dimensional flowers.  I'll show you how to do that next week.

You know that 2 months from today the big day is all over with and we will be sitting around feeling stuffed and not wanting to do anything. 

That's it for today.................remember to click on the photos to make them bigger. 

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