Monday, October 17, 2011

The mauve chrysanthemum at the top of the page this week belongs to our daughter.
It is actually two plants that cost her $1.00 each last year.  She put them in the
garden side by side and nurtured them along this summer.

Not too bright but I made up for it!

When I was on Facebook the other day, I glanced over to the right hand side of the page because something caught my eye.  I clicked on it and it was this cute little quilt and the pattern was free.  I had to sign up for it, but that was free too, so it was okay.  I went back the next day and couldn't find it!  I don't know where I signed up either so I was in a pickle. I remembered one colourful block up in the top left hand corner and some white blocks too.  I gave up searching and hit EQ.

It is a disappearing nine patch.  This is my first idea for it.  Cut your blocks into charm square size -- 5" -- then make a nine patch.  I had the orange fabric from a previous project so I hit the store and bought fat quarters of the other three.  The white was on hand too.

Then I cut the nine patch......

and then I got to play!  I moved this one here and that one there and then decided I liked this the best of all.

After an afternoon of sewing, I had one row done.

Friday is easy day at our house.  Groceries in the morning and then we each do what we want to do.  I sew of course and last Friday while the rain poured down outside it was the wisest decision.  I finished the top.  This is a baby quilt and it measures about 36 x 36.  I must say I love it.
This is the whole quilt.................
the binding is cut.  It will be scrappy and I'll keep it in a Ziploc bag until I need it.  On the bottom........that's the flannelette for the backing.  I have an idea of how I want to quilt it.  I know for sure I'm using lime green thread. 

For the next couple of days,  I'm going to show options for this nine patch.  I fiddled and fooled some more on EQ one night.  I'm so bored with television and this definitely has a lot more meaning for me.

A heads up for something new

If you love embroidery and want to get a head start on a little something for a special someone here is a link to a great little website from Australia.
Scroll down until you see the link to the PDF

I have printed mine off, but I think I'm going to make it larger.  This is tiny embroidery for me.  I like big stuff!  Really big stuff.

There are two more coming and if I remember, I'll let you know.  Now you know with that, you are on your own don't you.  My memory is not that great.  I have so much information stirring about in there, that another little bit is going to go the back and never be heard from again.

Gotta run for today........................... 

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Humboldt Broncos
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