Friday, October 21, 2011

A new book

I'm into charm squares at the moment and I found a "charming" little book at the quilt show we went to up in Halton Hills.  It is published by Leisure Arts and it is called 3 times the charm!

There are 7 'quick and easy designs' tucked inside the pages.  You can use charm packs or cut your 5" squares from your stash.  Each quilt has a girl's name starting with the letter "A" and going to letter "G".  

This quilt is called Dora.  It isn't very big, just 30 1/2" square, but for a small baby it would be plenty big enough.  You could always add to it of course.  Nothing to stop you from doing that.
When I saw this quilt some of the fabics are so familiar.  The border especially.  I have had at one time or another 3 or 4 of the other fabrics in my stash.  For someone who didn't like 30's fabrics when she worked, her mind has done a complete 180* on them.

And this is Greta.  That was my mother-in-law's name, but that's not why I like it.  In the book it is very vibrant and I should check my local quilt shop to see if they still have that range of fabric I thought about when I first saw this.  It would be perfect for it.

There are several pages in the back of the book with wonderful information about quilt making.  I must say, I'm not too fussy about how they make a sleeve for a quilt.  I don't understand why everyone makes this so darn difficult.  I saw instructions in a magazine lately, that makes a life's work out of it.  This book has you doing things that aren't necessary.   I think I'll show you one day how I do mine.  I have a few to make so taking a few photos while doing one of them will give you a good visual of it.

They do show you how to finish up the binding.  That is something you rarely find.  Its very well done and done differently from ways I've seen.  I shall have to try it.

I will use this book, something I don't always do.  Some I buy for the tips inside, sometimes for the beautiful quilts. 

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