Friday, September 30, 2011

I love........

jelly roll.  Homemade jelly roll with raspberry jelly inside.  I make it about once a year and it doesn't last long in the house.  Big fat slices of it with a big glass of cold milk.  Doesn't get much better unless of course it's layer cake.  Now that favourite is pumpkin layer cake with the most delicious frosting.  It's just about time to start thinking of making it again.

I guess that's what caught my eye when I saw this on Chapters website.  It wasn't what I was going to order, but hey I had to get my free shipping and one more book would do it for me.  This is the book. 

This book is fabulous, darling, just fabulous!!  There are so many patterns you could use your scraps on.  Cut them into 5" charms or 2 1/2" lengths.  Layer cakes would be great too cause then it goes together even faster.

I've picked out three quilts I want to make.  This will have to be done in time for next Christmas -- you know the one in 2012.  It will be for Kyle, our #2 grandson.  His older brother's quilt is done, but I want that for the quilt show, so next year these will be a combined Christmas/birthday gift.

There is another one I'm thinking about too, so maybe it won't be this one.  I didn't realize until I double checked this is the whole quilt!  Different isn't it?  Okay.................reconsidering here.

This one I do like. Its for us!!  We are getting another quilt.

I am going to make this up using 30's prints.  I'm not going to do that little gold square in the middle, I'm going to sew on buttons, so Misty has something to play with when she lies on the bed.  (Am I nuts, or am I nuts?)
I will have to make it bigger than it is as I want a queen size, a big queen size and I want it square, so it doesn't matter which way I throw it on the bed in the morning.  I'm going to put flannel on the back.  I love flannel.  So darn cozy.

There are 18 quilt patterns in this book.  Its a versatile book, a book I know I'll be using a lot.

Tomorrow, Charleen and I are off to the quilt show in Waterloo.   We will have our cameras at the ready and I'll share it with you -- hopefully next week. 

Have a good week-end everyone.

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Humboldt Broncos
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