Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Those topstitch needles

I hear from everyone that the only needle they use for quilting is the topstitch needle in their machine.
I bought the #80 needles and started to sew.  I was really happy with them until.........................

and you probably knew I wasn't happy with that last statement. 

I had to resew a couple of seams on the Texas Two Step.  I took out the original stitching and look at the holes the needle left.  I have now pressed this seam three times and the holes are still there.  I'm not impressed!

I'm going back to my quilting needles, same size, and only using them from now on.  You may use them and love them.  I am down to my last needle now so if I do any more stupid moves on the sewing machine I could be through them quickly too.  And that reminds me of another thing.

My Husqvarna sewing machine.  Its a Sapphire.  I have a 1/4" foot which I use sometimes.  I have the capability on the machine to move the needle to give me a 1/4" seam allowance.  Would you believe they aren't the same?  The adjustment is a "scant" 1/4".  Since I discovered this I now have to mark ongoing projects which method I used.  Pain in the neck.

And that is my grump and whine for today.

Tomorrow.................back to my birthday!!

We are leaving on holiday next Monday (and I will repeat that statement again on Friday because that column is all written and I don't want to do it again)  Normally the day we leave I don't post, but this will be the exception.  I have exciting news I want to share with you.  That's all I'm saying.  You will have to read the blog.  Pictures will be included.  You won't be disappointed.

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