Monday, July 4, 2011

We've been travelling...................

Thursday afternoon we decided to take a short little jaunt over to North Granville to a pottery studio.  It came highly recommended by the owner of the campground Rustico It was a lovely drive through the countryside.  We drove through Rustico and headed over to Cavendish.................seeing the lobster fishermen in the Gulf on the way.

Lobster fishermen

In Cavendish we stopped to mail our post cards to our friends.  They will hand stamp them with a special stamp................the back of Anne's head and her two pigtails.  Watch for it coming ladies.

the post office

We also stopped and picked up some chocolate covered potato chips.  They say they are delicious.  I've yet to try mine.  I'll let you know.   This is Patti Hawkin's studio.

Hawkins Pottery Studio Do you see that quilting symbol near the window?  This one.....................

this signifies an artisan on the Island This signifies that Patti is an artisan on the Island.  Patti chose this design to display on her building.  Its one cool quilting pattern.  May give this one a try in about 10 years.  There is a brochure available for the Arts and Heritage Trail throughout the Island.

Okay want to see one thing we bought.  We love it.  We are putting it on the mantel when we get home and Patti urges us to use it when for biscuits company comes.  We'll see about that.Patti Hawkins pottery

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Humboldt Broncos
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