Thursday, July 14, 2011

Food glorious food!

Before I begin, let me explain that Karl and I eat out very little.  I have one of those sensitive stomachs that if the wrong food hits it, gives me angst for awhile.  We eat where we know I can eat and what I can eat. We rarely try new restaurants except on occasion. It always the garlic that gets me and boy do I love garlic.  None of these places have that on their menu so I was pretty darn safe.  I can eat all that is here...................thank heavens.

Once you have driven over the Confederation Bridge -- which takes approx. 12 minutes -- you arrive at The Gateway Village.  It consists of a bunch of stores, eateries and tourism information.  A nice little spot to stop for a break.  A break we needed!  And we needed food!  We both wanted fish and chips and we knew her majesty wouldn't mind a bite either. I saw this with my eagle eye and Karl

walked back and bought us lunch.  It was gooooooooooooooood!  We were starving too.  By the time I thought to take a picture half the lunch was gone.  Misty thought it was pretty darn good too.  She thought she had arrived in heaven!

Now I have a complaint and it just isn't the Island.  Its everywhere!!!  Do bakeries buy all their pastry in bulk to make their pies?  It doesn't matter where I buy a pie ( well all but one place) the pastry is the same.  Pathetic!!!! Hard and tough, not tender and flaky. We went to one bakery to buy bread and a pie.  I'm not naming the bakery, but suffice it to say we didn't go back.  This is what was left of the blueberry pie when a photo was thought of.

She thought she liked it.  She didn't ask for more though.

Off we went on Canada Day up to Covehead Harbour. 

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This place came highly recommended and we weren't disappointed.  Look at the offerings.  Doesn't this just make your mouth drool?  What to choose?  We knew what we came for and we bought!!

While Karl put in the order I took the pics.  Yup, that's him in is Canada Day shirt.  It was also red Friday................that's the day we are asked to wear red to honour our troops.  A fitting day for that!!

Here is what we got.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so delicious!  So very, very delicious.  Three pieces of fish and a good size piece of lemon and some chips.  That money is embedded in the table.  An old $1 bill and I think there was a $2 bill too.

The last place we bought something was the Village Bakery in

We shop here a lot.  Our grocery store is on the main street.  This is the bakery. 

OMG.............the apple pie. I cannot tell you how good it was. The pastry was like mine. Flaky and tender and so, so good. The apples were delicious inside too.  These people make their own and they have my business from now on.  This is what a bakery should be all about.................all baked at the bakery and from scratch. 

I said to Karl the other night, did we eat all that pie?  Boy did he scramble out to the trailer.  Didn't know he could move that fast.  Anyway, that's all that was left and did he enjoy it.  Wish I'd bought another to bring home.  Ah well, something to look forward to next year.


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