Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clover pen

I've had this pen for quite awhile, but haven't really used it.  I tried it when I bought it and I wasn't very happy with it.  I should have given it another go but patience isn't always my virture.

I wanted to mark the border on the wall hanging I'm contributing to our quilt show tombola draw.  Its the green the pen is lying on.  I didn't want anything to remain as this should be a great fund raiser for the show and something that doesn't look nice just won't cut it.

I did the markings and found out I had goofed.

BIG time! 

I tried the Frixion pen I had and it worked too but I would need lots of lighting to see it while sewing.  (I culd see it, but did need the extra lighting).  I had to get the markings out and didn't have the packaging.  Of course not, who saves that? 

This is what Clover says on their website.

 White Marking Pen Fine:  White marker for easy to see markings on dark colored fabrics. The pen makes a great fine line on fabrics. Markings disappear upon ironing or spraying with water. As the ink dries on the fabric, white markings will become more visible.

I went to the ironing board and pressed with a dry iron first as I didn't know how the Frixion pen would react to water.  Then I spritzed the lines.  I pressed.  They were still visible.

So I did it again but this time with spritzing and steam.

They are still a bit visible when you zoom in with a camera or stand on your head and look at it.  I'll give it another spritz as I probably pressed too hard when marking.  It takes time for the line to appear when you are marking and as I told you up top, patience is not one of my virtues.

I'm keeping this pen in my box.  I will use it again.  I'm quite happy with it.

Tomorrow................Ann with an "e"

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