Thursday, June 2, 2011

I have a plan..............

and I have the quilt designed.  I'm using the fat quarters I buy at quilt shows and I'm making this!

The light colour is going to be muslin.  I tried what I have up against it and it looks good so why buy more fabric when I have it in stock.

What I needed to know was how many squares can I cut from a fat quarter.

Here is the chart and for those of you that didn't know...........the definition of a fat quarter.

A fat quarter is 18 inches by 22 inches U.S.A. or 20 inches by 22 inches CDN. (approximately).

What can be cut from a Fat Quarter?  Glad you asked.  I should make this a PDF and then you could print it off.  Okay.  Done.  Click PDF here
99 --- 2" squares

56 --- 2 1/2" squares

42 --- 3" squares

30 --- 3 1/2" squares

20 --- 4" squares

16 --- 4 1/2" squares

12 --- 5" squares

9 --- 6" squares

6 --- 6 1/2" squares

There are 162 squares of 30's prints in this quilt.  I have 15 different fabrics at the moment and I would like more...................25 would be nice.  That would make a lovely variety.  I will have lots left over as I will only need about 7 squares from each fabric.  Then perhaps I could make this one.  I would continue on with a variety of colours...........not do the top one way and then stop and do all blue.  It is bright, but Karl likes bright quilts.  It probably won't end up being ours.  I'll give it to one of the grands...........maybe I should make it smaller........................I'll give that a think.

Now I got a bit lazy changing all that blue colour to 30's prints, so you have to use your imagination.  I hope you don't mind.

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