Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gone fishing!

Quite awhile ago I received some charm squares from Mr. B's preview pack club.  The line is called Gone Fishing and it told me some little boy would just love to have it.  (I stereotype, I know I do.)  I've held onto it for awhile because I didn't know what to do.
One day that infamous light bulb came on and I went and dug out an older book I've had on my shelf for awhile.

See that quilt on the front right..................guess what it is called?  You've got it.  Gone Fishin'.

Well, I've started..........
                                       one fish......................
                                         two fish........................

and the printer ran out of ink!  They are paper pieced and I love to print them off on graph paper**.  I could have traced them, but I like easy, so now that I have more ink I can get back to it.

**When I print off my paper piecing projects, I print them off onto graph paper.  I print the pattern on the back side of the paper.  The reason I use graph paper is because of the weight....nuch thinner than bond.  And its not expensive.  Much, much cheaper than the paper sold for paper piecing.
Here is a price comparison: 
100 sheets of Foundation Paper sells for around $12.00 U.S. on the internet
graph paper $9.65 per pack, each pack contains 5 pads of paper, 96 sheets to a pad equals 480 sheets of paper.  CDN and I can buy it locally at my favourite Staples store.

I think there is something fishy about the blogging this morning. It has to be from "their" end instead of me messing things up.  Unless you are a  blogger I don't know that it would make much sense to try to explain what is happening.  It's a case of we'll see what happens during the day.  We may go down again like we did the other week.  I hope not.

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Humboldt Broncos
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