Thursday, May 12, 2011


My friend Dawne was on vacation lately...............Samoa, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.  Dawne had her arrangements made for her trip long before any flooding in Australia, but off she went.  She fortunately landed in Rockhampton where the worst flooding was during the day as those were the only flights they could allow in. 

While Dawne was away she went shopping -- to several quilt shops.  When she emailed me I wrote back and said "ship the parcels to me" and she took me up on the offer.  Oh, my, she bought some lovely fabrics.  One line was called Under the Australian Sun and guess where you can buy it?  Right on, mate!  Australia!  The other thing Dawne picked up were magazines.....................I borrowed one cause there was a pattern in it that caught my eye..the quilt is called Christmas On the Couch and if everything goes as planned you should be able to see it here........upper right...........

I won't be doing it in Christmas fabrics.............I'm using a line from Connecting Threads because one day I was so bright and brilliant that I ordered two bundles of fat quarters from their Canterbury Line.  Can you say "Duh!" with me?

This is what I've done so far................

I need to audition fabrics for the borders and make the yo-yo's and the hearts and the corner stones.  It won't be huge when its done, just something nice for the back of the sofa...............perhaps with flannel on the back to warm my toes next fall on the chilly nights we know will be coming.

Okay I know you can see masking tape on the first block from every row.  I marked the rows before I took them to the ironing board.  Row 1 is 1-1, row 2 is 2-1 and so on til I reached the end.  I knew the row and then which end was going to be starting the row.  Makes life easier.

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Humboldt Broncos
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