Tuesday, February 1, 2011

They are done and its Feb. 1

Its BOM time.  Three of us from the forum are done.

Betty finished hers first.  This pattern is from a book by Nancy Halvorsen called Garden Song.  Betty machine appliqued the entire piece which measures 7" x 13"

She chose this for her BOM because she needed a hint that spring was coming someday.  Betty still has a lot of snow on the ground (more than I do) and is getting weary of snowmen in everything that seems applicable for February.  She loves winter and isn't really tired of it..............just the snowmen.
Next up is Q-Bee.  Her real name is Mary Ann, but she is the "queen" of our forum.  This was her selection.

Mary Ann's pattern was also came from one of Nancy Halvorsen's books called Count on It. I'm going to let Mary Ann explain in her own words just what she did in her adaptation.
"It was supposed to be a wall hanging, about 11 ½” square. I reduced the pattern for the heart and birds, and didn’t use the letters “Feb”. I rearranged the positioning of the heart and birds to make it fit on a 6 ½” x 12 ½” pot stake hanger."

Mary Ann sent me two photos of her work, but I decided to use this one because it tells a story.
Once again, Mary Ann
"In one picture you can see some of my ugly aloe vera plant. That plant was a teeny-tiny cutting in a soup can on my dearly loved Grandma’s windowsill, when Gram died 25 years ago. It’s just not an attractive plant at all, but I’ve kept it growing all these years, and I’m terribly sentimental about it. I’m going to make a pot stake mini-quilt for each month of the year to add a touch of pretty and help hide the plant."Don't hide it Mary Ann.  Its such a lovely story.  I wish I had just one of my granny's beautiful African violets that she had in her sunroom. 
This is mine.  This is an old design that keeps popping up in magazines and in books.  I did mine slightly different from some I have seen.  I used two different fabrics for the background and only two colours for the hearts.   
I kind of made a goof up on mine but it worked out okay anyway.  I sandwiched it and then realized I hadn't sewn around the hearts.  Its just part of the quilting now. This will hang in our bathroom for the month of February.

I must add here that
has block #2 available for Little Birdies
And Angie at:
has block#2 available for Insane about Baltimore.

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