Thursday, February 3, 2011

Swaps...................mug rug this time

I am a devil for swaps.  I love them.  I have only missed one and that was because I didn't think I could meet the deadline.  I was sorry I had to drop out.

There are rules concerning swaps.  Not written in stone rules, just courtesy ones.  Join up only if you are going to contribute.  If you have to drop out give the hostess of the swap lots of notice.  Don't think you aren't good enough to participate.  I've never received anything I didn't like.  Remember always -- everyone's abilities are different, but they are giving their all.

This time it was a mug rug swap.  These are new to me, but heck I'll try anything once.  If its good, I'll do it again.  The deadline is February 14th for the mug rug to be at your muggees!  That means minewent out the day after deadline which was January 18th.  I got my name the day before. 

What to do?  I had a ga-zillion ideas.  Then I received from Scrapbooks etc., an email and this was my choice. 

This is so cute.  I love cupcakes so the design started forming in my head.  Take a look at this site and see what they have.  There are a ton of patterns that can be adapted to quilting.

I went up to Michaels and bought some supplies.  I bought beads in various colours for the sprinkles on the icing, and I bought ribbon!  In the scrapbooking section they have a great variety of things that can be adapted to quilting. 

I had a decision to make.  What should I put in for the batting?  I really like the fusible fleece I bought at Christmas for the table runners.  Regardless of how often you wash placemats, table runners, etc., it doesn't loose its shape.  I opted for this.
Then what fabric.  You are not going to believe what I chose.  The background fabric was purchased many years ago to make curtains for my son and daughter-in-law.  18 years ago to be exact.  I have kept bits and bobs of it in my box in case I needed some Valentine's Day themed fabric.  I do like it, but its time to pass it on.
I fused it down and then got to work.  How to make that cupcake holder look crimped?  Ah-ha.  I folded it like a fan (remember those from when we were kids?) and then I gave it a blast of steam

I applied fusible web to it, and then fused the pattern piece to the back of the fabric and it looked well done!  Almost professional. 

I added the other pieces -- all done with fusible web.  How did I know where the cupcake should sit?  I took one of the storage mugs on the table and placed it on the mug rug.  I judged it from there.

Those sprinkles.  I didn't use them.  They didn't show up well enough on the "icing", so I opted to leave them off. 

Ta-da, here it is...................

Oh, sorry, wrong side.

Along with our mug rug, we have been asked to send a recipe.  I'm giving them my recipe for Ginger Mounds.  My friend, Jan, who now lives in Newfoundland, gave me this recipe many, many years ago when we lived in a townhouse complex in Clarkson.  Enjoy them.  They are absolutely delicious.

A very special thank you to Susan for organizing the swap.  We all appreciate it.

Next swap is a trivet.  Wait til you see what I've chosen.  Knock your socks off!

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