Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am not impressed!!!!!!!

Before I get off on a rant here today, I have to tell you.................our snowdrops are coming up.  Those beautiful green leaves are poking through the ground and some of them are quite long.  Yeah!!!!  Spring is coming.

Okay now for what's not impressing me....................................

I put labels on everything I quilt.  Sometimes they are quite lengthy and others are straight forward and to the point.  I guess you could call me a "label fanatic". 

When I started to make my own through the computer I used Bubble Jet.  It was great -- a bit stiff to hand stitch but you can do it.  Now you are able to buy pre-treated fabric.  There are numerous brands on the market and there is one I will never buy again.  When I will be finished the load I have I have no idea, but it better be soon.

I machine quilted a wall hanging for our local museum.  I'll show you all tomorrow what I did.  Susan the curator sent down the label via email and after adding a bit more info with her approval, I ran it off.  I have no idea whether my batch has been around too long -- not in my home -- but from where I purchased it.  I couldn't get the paper off the back.

I tried -- I really tried.  I pressed it with a warm iron.  NOTHING!!!!!  I pressed it again.  NOTHING!!!!!  I scored it with a pin and still NOTHING!!!!!  So I gave it a hot iron -- (the linen setting) and believe me I did not hold it too long in one spot.  I pressed from the front, I pressed from the back.  Finally the paper came away.

But look what happened..........................

The white at the top is the original colour -- the antique look is the label.  I am not impressed. 

To make matters worse I messed up sewing it onto the sleeve and had to run another one.  Same thing, but not quite so bad.
You want to know why I sewed it onto the sleeve, don't you?  That's tomorrow's story.
I won't be buying this brand again.  I noticed later in the day, that the same thing had happened before but not as bad.  From now on I'm buying EQ's product.  It has some kind of plastic on the back, but it comes away with no trouble whatsoever.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I didn't mention the brand.  It is Printed Treasures.  Now some of you may have had great success with them.  I haven't.  If this were for a customer I would have been in big trouble.  I wonder how many times I would have had to run it before I was successful.  No profit in that.

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