Friday, January 7, 2011

What are you reading?

Just before Christmas, I received the latest edition of Quilter's Connection magazine.  I glanced through it and set it aside.  On Sunday night, Karl and I had a reading night and after I finished my book, I picked up the magazine to take a better look at it.

What an issue!!!!  From Heather's letter right at the beginning of the magazine to the recipe at the end, it is ~~  well, sorry, but its delicious.

I am going to be trying out the techniques for bobbins.  You have to try something new every once in awhile
to keep things fresh. 

 I love the snowman patterns and if time permits in the fall, I'm going to make up Snow Dance........a great pattern by Jennifer Yamamura.

Then there is this.  I am definitely making this for a Christmas gift.  I love it!  And the person I am giving it to, will just roll over laughing.

Have you heard about Modern Quilt Guilds?  An interesting concept that is taking the world -- yes I said world -- by storm.  There are guilds in Canada and here is a link to one that is in Toronto.
They even have this one for you to see pictures.

A great issue and I hope you are all able to find it at a local quilt shop or at a Chapters store near you.
I received another magazine as a gift from a friend and I'll review that one next.

P.S.  I finished up my embroidery.  The great reveal on Monday!

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Humboldt Broncos
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