Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tip # ????

After I posted the embroidery for Little Birdies yesterday, I had an email from one of the girls asking me a question.

It is about the muslin I put on the back on my embroidery.  First of all this is why I do it.  It hides my knots and it hides my "trails of threads" going from one place to another.  If your fabric is very light and you have a brilliant thread on the back you will see that thread through to the front.  With the muslin, you won't.

the back, wrong or inside
whatever you wish to call it

I cut my muslin the same size as the unfinished block....................if it is 12 1/2", I cut the muslin 12 1/2".  If you cut the muslin just to fit the embroidery area, it will be "flopping around" as you have nowhere to stitch it down.
the right side

The examples I have here are from a quilt that I did up last year.  It was a pattern I bought up at my favourite quilt shop.  The owner loves to do embroidery and she revived my interest in it.  I have done quite a few now and it is great work for me in the evenings while I sit with Karl as he watches tv. 

The pattern is called "Cherished Memories" and is published by Rabbits Haven and oh, my goodness, it is Canadian.  I didn't remember that!

I also mentioned to the person that questioned me about the muslin that "a pattern is only a guideline".  That's my philosophy.  I don't know whether pattern makers would agree with me, but once I buy that pattern it is mine.  I don't photocopy or share them with anyone.  I know the designer does a slew of work before the pattern goes out to the store shelves.  She deserves every penny she gets believe me.

Okay here is the difference.  This was actually designed for a baby.  I'm sorry, but I don't go to all this work for a baby.  Selfish, maybe, oh darn ~~ make that probably. 

I made it with "us" in mind.  We get rabbits in our garden hence the change.

In case you can't read what the original said: top hugs are free
                                                              middle block.....I've been an angel today
                                                                 third block.....Somebunny's napping

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