Monday, January 17, 2011

The snowfall

Don't stop reading this post until you get to the end, past the photos of our beautiful snowfall, cause there you will find a tip that I haven't shared before but thought of yesterday when something happened to me.

The snow started to fall very early Saturday morning.  It came down gently and by morning the yard looked beautiful.  I love to take photos after a snowfall, but this one didn't seem to want to stop, so I donned my touque, winter jacket, scarf, gloves and heavy boots and trudged through the snow.

Our euonymus with its wonderful orange berries........

the calla lillies

my lavendar
                                                                    the asparagus



and our wee friend dropped in for a visit........

Karl went out shortly after I took the photos and started the big clean up.  It was quite the snowfall and of course, more is destined our way from the west.  I hope they don't send their cold, cold temperatures with it.  This is about all my old body can bear................... -10*C or 5*F.

Okay, for being faithful and working your way to the end, here is your tip.

I was making little wallets yesterday.  I accidentally got fusible interfacing on the right side of the fabric.  I don't know how.  I just did.  I removed it and this will work for fusible web too.
Take a brown paper the one below.....and lay it on top of the interfacing (web).  With a hot dry iron press on the bag for a few seconds, move the bag and press again, and if necessary continue in this manner until all the "glue" is removed.  I have seen numerous ways to remove the "glue", but this seems to work the best for me.

The little wallets will be featured sometime next week.  I want a nice collection of them for you to see.

I should charge Hallmark for the free advertising, shouldn't I?

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Humboldt Broncos
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