Thursday, January 20, 2011

"My Pictures" can help

Our daughter has asked that I make her 5 new Christmas stockings and a tree skirt for 2011.  I gave her a website to check out and she chose some.  Then the decision........................will they work together. 

I taught her a little trick I've been using.  Here it is:

I need fabric for Henrietta's Whiskers and Irene suggested fabrics from Connecting Threads.  I went and checked it out and I really like the line.  It is called Canterbury.  This is the link.  Now I didn't want all of them after I found the fat quarters.  I do need some borders and some binding. 

The pattern calls for 21 quarters so they went into the file too.

The first thing to do is go into My Pictures and open a file with the project name on it.  Mine is called Henrietta's Whiskers. 
You then can go on the website and start to choose the fabrics.  When the fabric swatch comes up

 click on the one you want with the left side of the mouse.  It will usually come up larger. 

right click on the largest one that comes up......................

and click on Save Picture As..........................making sure you put it in the folder that you have just made up.

After you have downloaded all the swatches you want, open up the folder with the on Views and slide the bar up to Extra large icons................

You can move the pictures around until you get them the way you want them.

  I was looking for borders so I put all those swatches together to see if they looked good together.

You can drag pictures over on top of one another to see if they work together.

What I didn't like, I deleted and then I placed my order.  I will keep what I ordered in this file until my order arrives in about 2 weeks...................yes, that is how long it will take.  I have no idea where it goes, but go it does.
Now this is Kristina's order....................we added, deleted, then added and then we decided. Kristina has placed her orders -- yes, orders -- with two different companies.  Thousands of Bolts and Hancocks of Paducah .   We are only getting the greens for now.  She really wasn't sure about the other colours, so when they arrive we think we will shop locally....................Mom's stash! 

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