Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In for a penny, in for a pound

Was it last week I mentioned all those wonderful websites that are offering BOM's?  Well, a few of us have joined them.

Little Miss Shabby is now located here:

and her little birdie is capturing a lot of interest. I talked to Irene and she suggested 30's prints, I dug mine out.  I have a few from other projects and some in my stash I just like.  I have background, but this time I'm using the wrong side. 

After spending a night cutting all those ruddy 2 1/2" squares, I traced the pattern onto the background and then started to embroider with the numbers that were suggested.  I did the birdie, I did the snowman.......oh-oh!  It looked great under the Ott-Lite, but from across the room you couldn't see a darn thing.  I decided to start over.  I puddled the floss onto the background and tried and tried and tried.  I finally settled for colours you wouldn't think would work, heck they did.

Gloria, Lynda, Irene and I have all finished our first block and more girls I know are getting started on it.

First up is Gloria's.  She used 6 strands of floss and found it kind of difficult.  I love the outcome of it.  Gloria is using a fabric line from Moda called Girly Girl.
Here is Lynda's.  Lynda has this fabulous collection of gnomes.  I know not how many, but very, very many it is.  Look closely at the hat on the snowman.....................

Next is Irene's.  Only 3 strands used in this one.  30's prints like mine

And this is know my story.

Now for a couple of tips.  I ran the photo off on a 4" x 6" index card.................the plain side and left the lined side so I could make notes.  It gave me a referral point and on the back I wrote the numbers of the different flosses that I used.  I stapled it to the sheets that I ran off from the website.

I don't know whether I will need any of these floss again, but if I remember I'll put them in a plastic container and will add others if I need to.  I do know that all of mine will have to be bright to make them standout on my fabric.
I've already planned that February's birdie is going to be a cardinal.  I have no idea for March, but a junco would be good.  Then perhaps a sparrow and a black capped chickadee.  Little birds that favour my neck of the woods.

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