Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I found this on..........................

Facebook.  Sometimes I do benefit from posting on this friendly (?) social network.  Most of my friends are people I know very well.  I don't have a lot on there and I'm keeping it that way. 

However, I do join most of the quilting sites.  I love them.  I have"joined" Quilting club, Quilting Blogger, Log Cabin Quilters, Benartex, Clothworks.  I find the most amazing stuff with these friends.

Today I'm not saying much more.  I'm leaving you with this link that I found on The Quilting Club.  It is from a newspaper -- an online newspaper out in Oregon. 

This is how the article starts:

If you have ever searched for a way by which to measure who we are as a people, the things we value -- the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves -- then you really ought to consider attending a local quilt show.

Now I shall leave it to you to read the rest.........................

Ooops, Martingale and Company just reminded me of this one.  I read it about a week ago and I think most of us can relate to it...............

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