Saturday, December 11, 2010

This batting is beautiful

While I was up at The Hobby Horse on Tuesday, I bought some fusible fleece for my runners and placemats that will or will not be done for this Christmas.

The product is made specifically for Quiltsource which is a supplier to quilt shops across Canada.  This is the best fleece I have ever bought!  It is 100% polyester, 44" wide.  $9.98 metre

As you can see it is pure white.  It will not loose its shape, it will not shrink.  For runners it is the best.  Your runner will lie flat and will not get that "quilted" look when its washed.

It is fusible on only one side, so that is the side I iron the backing to.  I lay the front down and pin in several places and then do the quilting.  This one was simple, down through the middle and then between each "block".  When done, sew on the binding and voila!  Finished and ready to use in one day.  Ya gotta love easy.

I have a little label that I'm putting in one corner on the back.  It is for Peter and Kristina so they will remember the story of this runner.

This panel was crafted in Denmark in a town called Herning, the fabric capital of the country.  Two of your onkles (uncle), Hans and Vilfred live in towns close by.
The small woven hearts depicted on the runner are a Christmas tradition and I had the pleasure of making them one year with your Bedstefar (Grandfather).
Christmas 2010

Our children do know some Danish and if we switch to English they haven't a clue who we are talking about so its always been Mor, Far, Bedstefar, Bedstemor, tante, onkle and the best of all "tak for mad" which is always said before you leave the table. 

The map isn't included in the label.  I thought you might like to see where Herning is.  Karl grew up in the northern part of the country on an island called Mors which is lovely. Both Herning and Morso are noted on the map

I finished up the runner on Thursday night.  Look how beautifully it lays.  This is going to be a family treasure.

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