Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh my goodness....

My daughter called one day and asked me a question. 
"What was the mascot we had for our Guide company?"
"It was George, the sock monkey."
"You will never guess who wants one Mom."
Well of course, I answered "Morgan."
"You would be wrong there."
So I guessed again.  I was still wrong!
Then I said "Cody?"
Finally I had it. 

Now this boy is 15 years old and inherited his great grandfather's and his grandmother's love of Christmas.  He just has a problem waiting for it.  He has already snooped in the tree and found his gift from his sister.  She was not amused!  He also wants things that most young people would never think of.  Like a sock monkey!!!!!

I finally found a pattern, but couldn't get the right socks.  The pattern is here:
so I downloaded it and made a monkey out of a pair of Karl's socks that had a black heel and toe.  The red socks are only available on line and I knew they wouldn't get here in time.

While I was on the site, I browsed around and look what I found. 

and this............

and even this.................

I may have to go back there and download some of the tags for Easter

Well, here he is.  I would name him George after George, George, George of the Jungle, but Cody will probably have other ideas. 

I knitted him a scarf cause its kind of cold in Canada and thought he might like one.  I should knit a hat, but I don't think that is going to happen.  

I thought I better add a bit here.  These socks were smaller than the original brand used for the monkeys.  I did follow the cutting instructions but didn't always have the width when done, like the arms and the tail, and turning was a bit rough to start.  Stuffing was a bit difficult too, but once started it worked out.  I sewed some of him on the machine and some by hand.  Those little loops on the inside of the sock caused problems as they kept getting caught up in the foot on the machine. 

He was fun to make.  This guy has button eyes because Cody loved my button box when he was a little lad.  We found a book at the library called Grandma's Button Box and he enjoyed listening to it.  I made him a "button" wall hanging when he was younger too.  I know he still has that, quite possibly tucked away so his buddies won't see it.

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