Friday, December 17, 2010

My faux fry boxes

The other day I posted about making faux fries for my grands.  They are coming on Saturday night for dessert and these are for them.  A fun thing cause everyone loves fun!

Here is how I did mine.  I took it one more step.

I downloaded the pattern for the boxes from here:

onto cardstock.  One box per sheet.  Wish they made cardstock legal size, but I haven't found it yet.

Don't cut them out, just trim away the excess.  Then I ironed fusible web to the side WITHOUT the pattern.  Don't use steam or your paper will curl.

Then when that was done, I laid the cardstock with the fusible side down onto the BACK of the fabric.

I press from both sides.  I used my pressing cloth and my teflon sheet.  Teflon sheet to take the excess fusible web

and the pressing cloth to take any ink the iron may have picked up.  You don't want that on either the cardstock or the fabric.

When it had cooled, I took it to the cutting mat and using my ruler and small rotary cutter I trimmed away all the straight lines.

I used my scissors to trim away the rest.  Once it was all cut out I took my bone folder with my ruler as my guide and ran it down the perforated lines.  I didn't press hard, just hard enough to score it.  (There are two sides to a bone folder, one is a bit rounded.......use the flatter side so it rests better against your ruler.)

I bent the box on the lines and then I glued the longer side with tacky glue.

Pull the side around and glue in place.  I used paper clips to hold them until they dried.

and here they are............................

I wonder what else you could use these for.  I'll have to put my "cap" on and give it a think!

You can click here for a PDF of these instructions.

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