Monday, November 29, 2010

These are done too

On the way over to our daughter's place on Friday night, Karl and I stopped at our favourite bulk food store.  I needed the ingredients for our Christmas cake

and for the mincemeat tarts I'll be making within the next couple of week.  While we were there I browsed around looking at this and that.  I found reindeer treats which my family is addicted to.......ta heck with the reindeers.  On top of the bin were these containers.  I had seen similar ones in Michaels during the week, but we had cashed out and I didn't want to get back in line.

I finished up the last of the coaster sets on Saturday.  6 sets in all. 

We are giving a set of coasters in each box along with two butter tarts and two chocolate covered shortbread from my favourite chocolate shop in Oakville.  Circus Chocolates on Thomas Street in Oakville.  You can get four varieties.....I personally love the chocolate/orange flavour.  Yummo!  (I pre-order in case they sell out on me.)  Would you like to know who is getting these treats?  The girls in our doctor's office.  They are a great bunch of ladies and we sure appreciate all they do for us.  Thanks gals!

Til tomorrow....................


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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
This blog is dedicated to the young people that lost their lives from the Humboldt Hockey Team. It is also dedicated to the first responders, the doctors and nurses and to the families and the people of Saskatchewan

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