Thursday, November 4, 2010

Look what we did!

It was stitchin' day at my house yesterday.  Charleen couldn't make it because she has a virus and is feeling just a bit lousy.  Barb came and did we work.

I had my Secret Santa gift to make and Barb wanted to make one too.  Its done! 
We have them done!

Take a look at these.  Same pattern, different fabrics. 

This is mine.  We also made a potholder.

This is Barb's.  I love this fabric.

I decided to put a "label" in mine.  You can see what I put on and then I put the recipient's name, address and telephone number.  (Yes, its  hidden cause some of the girls on the forum read this and I don't want them to know who I'm sending it too.)  If it is accidently left behind, whoever finds it can return it.

I had a lot of fabric left over so I made another potholder.  These potholders are based on the criss-cross coasters that I found on the web last year.
I had the patterned fabric left over and said to Barb "Gee I wish I had more of the dark blue."  Then I turned around and saw this fabulous lime green sitting in a box ready to come upstairs and be put away.  They are fabulous together.  The potholders just need a button now, which I don't have.

There is one thing when you make these.  Make sure the folded side of the rectangles is towards the middle.  I nearly goofed on one side when placing it.  Thank you Barb for catching it.

I've made up a pdf of the instructions that you can print off.

When the mail came my What's Cooking magazine had arrived.  This is the festive special. 

Oh, the good stuff inside.  I can't wait to get cooking.  Some of it is just decadent and then there are the casserole recipes.  How did they know I need a new casserole dish to prepare.

This is the Canadian magazine.  My friends in the U.S. probably get Food and Family.  Some issues are just a little bit different.  Check out Kraft's website if you don't already get it.  My word, girls, its free!

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