Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ooooooooooooooo, I found it!

We went for groceries on Thursday morning................our weekly trek down to Fortino's.  They have a small magazine section which carries two quilting magazines that I buy occasionally.  I told Karl I wanted to check it out for my annual Christmas purchase.

They had it and it went directly in the shopping cart.  This is my favourite purchase around this time of year.

 Every year we have table favours for family members at the Christmas dinner.  I was searching for something but hadn't found anything.  This magazine gave me so many ideas I'll be busy starting in January getting ready for next year.  This is a definite.  I love snowmen.  I'm a bit fussy about which ones, but they are the greatest decorations for Christmas and the winter. 

On another page were these.  I love the skates!  I used to skate ~~ figure skate ~~ but haven't done it in years.  Karl isn't a skater and neither is anyone else in my family.  I think I'm a bit old to start over.  I have this little fear of falling and breaking something an arm.

and look at this!  I love it!  I wouldn't make a wallhanging.  I think I would frame it.  I'll have to practice my machine embroidery but I think it could be doable.  Of course, you could always leave off the word or put a word in of your choosing.

 Another one!  This looks pretty easy.  Maybe I could con my daughter into helping.  She is the expert painter in the family.  I could make, she could paint.  We could make two ~~ one for her and one for me.  Ooops, nearly forgot about Heather.  She would pop me if she didn't get one. 

These caught my eye too.  Penquins!  Who doesn't love them.  These would be perfect for next Christmas.  Time is running out for this year.     

This is the choice for this Christmas.  I have to make 11 and Karl said he would help.  We are going to make them out of light weight wood...............maybe I could get the tag things at Michaels.  I'll paint, and stamp and then we can write the recipient's name on the back. 
Finally I have something.  I didn't think I was going to find anything this year and was get just a bit panicky.


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