Monday, August 23, 2010

A new book..............well, for me it is.

Before we left for holidays I ordered a new quilting book.  I'm not allowing myself to buy fabric, so books are taking their place.  I love books.  I can read for hours in the summer.  I don't mind a good book in the winter, when the snow is falling and the fireplace is on either. 

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I've just digressed...........better get back "tuit".

The book I ordered is called The Quilting Answer Book, by Barbara Weiland Talbert.  I have found it at Chapters, at Mary Maxim and at Barnes and Noble.  I finally found it at Mary Maxim but did some digging to get it.  I hope the link works for you.

This book has 414 pages of information that every quilter either wants to know or would just love to have as a reference tool.  I took it away with me and read a lot of the book.  I put markers on those pages that I want to be able to find quickly.  It is a question and answer format and I don't think there is a question anyone could ask that isn't answered in the book.

Under beginner's luck I love the tip "don't obsess over errors."  That was one thing I was taught right at the beginning of my lessons on quilting.  Wish I'd stuck to that advice.

The colour wheel is explained.  My next purchase is going to be a good colour wheel.

Want to know about Glad Press 'n Seal templates?  A full page is dedicated to this technique.  That is on our grocery store shopping list for the next time we venture out.  I'm going to try it.

Free motion quilting?  Lots of information on it.  Page 328 gives you 14 tips for stress free machine quilting.
I know you would love me to tell you some of them, but that's copyright and I can't do it on here.  You will have to purchase the book and read them for yourself.

There are also diagrams when they are needed.  Good diagrams!  and charts.  I love when someone else figures everything out for you. 

The book is published by Storey Publishing. It will make a great addition to anyone's quilting library. 

Til tomorrow.................................

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