Monday, June 14, 2010


I am amazed.  Today's post is number 200.  I didn't think it would be possible to post this many, but here we are.  I hope you have enjoyed them.  Because it is a sort of party day, there is nothing about quilting. Just party food...........................

This post we have to blame on Charleen.  It is all her fault.................every last tasty morsel of it.  Charleen brought these to a workshop and they were devoured! They are so

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!

                -- Lucy Van Pelt in Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

Mars Bars Squares
This is done in your microwave.
Put into a large glass bowl
1/2 cup butter
4 regular size Mars Bars                                                           
Melt and then stir together until well blended.
3 cups of Rice Krispies.
Stir together
Pour into an aluminium foil lined 8" x 8" pan.  The foil will help you lift it out for cutting.
In a small bowl
1 regular size package of chocolate chips
1 tbsp butter
Melt and then stir together.
Pour over the Mars Bars/Rice Krispies combo.
Place in refrigerator and let cool for at least one hour.  Remove from pan, take away the foil and place on a cutting board.  Run a sharp knife under hot water.  Cut into bars.  I cut mine about 2" square.
Place on a cookie sheet that has either waxed paper or parchment paper on it.  Make sure the bars are separated because as they firm up, they tend to stick together.  Put back in the fridge.  If you like you can take them out a bit before serving so the top layer of chocolate is easier to bite through.

Make lots...............they don't last long.  Ask my granddaughters.

I can't give times for melting of the chocolate as every microwave differs.  Enjoy

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Humboldt Broncos
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