Friday, April 30, 2010

Tip-toe through the tulips

I'm off today to Kitchener.  There is a big Sewfest West at Bingemans that is brand new this year.  Three of us are checking it out.  It is only on for two days and opens Friday at 12 noon.  About an hour's drive for us, so hope it is worth it.  It should be.
In the meantime, I'm letting you walk through my garden.  Our tulips are beautiful this year and I only wish I could say the same for the asparagus.  Either very slow or very dead.  Can't make up my mind.
These are from the purple passion blend  The centre one should be beautiful.  It has white around the edges.

Princess Irene.  This is a fragrant tulip.  Lovely.
I don't know what these are yet.  They are slow to open.  I have two like this from these bulbs.  I guess you could say we got two for the price of one.
This is the back flower bed.  I love the reds and yellows.  When we planted these bulbs years ago there sure weren't this many.

Double daffodils.  These are so pretty.  This is a new angle
I hope I don't spend too much money today.  I don't need a darn thing.  If I do, I give all of you permission to give me heck.

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Humboldt Broncos
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