Friday, March 12, 2010, Sewflakes!

The book is called SEWFLAKES!  I bought it at a quilt show last year that was held up in Ailsa Craig.  The author was there and she would autograph the book and just for once I wanted an autographed book!  The wallhanging she displayed at the show caught my eye, but the book cover told me to buy it! 

I know the saying never judge a book by its cover, but I'm really bad for that.  I do it at the library when selecting and I do it at quilt shows and I do it in quilt shops. If I don't like that cover I won't even pick it up.  I could be missing out on a lot, couldn't I?  However, it works for me, so why change?

The book is written by Kathy K. Wylie and is published by C & T Publishing.  It is a beautiful book.  The quilt on the cover is called
The Lord is My Shepherd.  It is one of those quilts I will love to look at forever, but quite possible never make.  I wish someone would make it for me.  I would love to own it.
The first 17 pages of the book are all the instruction you will need to make anything in the book.  They are clear and concise.  You will learn how to make snowflakes like you have never made them before.  There are tips to help you out along the way. (If you will click onto Kathy's website, you can download for free the master wedges.  Scroll down the page a bit) 
Now this is something to see.........................layered snowflakes.  Have you ever done that?  I haven't.  I must bury myself in this book one day.

This is cute!  Take a close look at it.  (Want it on the photo)  What do you see? 

Okay so there are spools of thread, but what else?  Ah, yes, there are rotary cutters, come on -- do you see it......the measuring tape?  What about the thimbles and the pins?  The wall hanging measures about 48" x 64" so it would be prefect for a sewing room, wouldn't it?

The last one I'm showing would be perfect in my mind for a bridge player.  Any card player, for that matter.  Well, that's what I thought until I read the page.  It is based on a deck of cards but the quilt also speaks about the things we value in life

Diamonds for money and possessions; clubs for pleasing people; hearts for those we love and spades for our work.
This is a great book.  It teaches us all another technique.  Next winter when the snow flies, I'm going to take this book out and produce something from it.  I'll have my own snowflakes indoors with me.

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