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Monday, March 8, 2010

Quilter of the week

This week's quilter is definitely from my town.  She was raised pretty close to where she lives now.  She moved away for awhile and lived in the west and started quilting while she lived there.  She progressed from hand quilting to be one of the best LA quilters.  Her name is Kathy.  She is my LA.

This is one of Kathy's first quilts.  It was a baby quilt for one of her children.  A group of friends would get together and quilt while their little ones played with each other.  This is hand quilted ......................

Another quilt that Kathy made early in her quilting career was this one.  I'm going to let you see the front first and then the back. Kathy combined two patterns to make one quilt. The border was taken from another pattern yet both go together beautifully.  
This is the back.  Backings don't have to be boring.  This backing used all the fabrics from the front of the quilt but the pattern is totally different.  Two quilts in one.
This quilt is on the wall in Kathy's LA room.  I get to see this one every time I drop over to leave a quilt for machining.  It is one of my many favourite quilts at Kathy's house.

This is bright and beautiful.  Kathy was down visiting friends at their summer home in Kennebunkport one year.  She made this quilt while she stayed with them.  I love the colours and the design of it.  She has said that the interior of the home she was in was all white and this just looked stunning in the rooms of the house.
This quilt was made for Kathy's daughter.  It is vibrant and colourful and one I absolutely love.  (Sometimes I wish I could be adopted by some of my fellow quilters.)  Here is a close up of the quilting that Kathy did.
The final quilt I'm going to show is a family quilt that is loved by all.  It is in memory of a beautiful little cocker spaniel named Bronte.  Kathy made this quilt last Christmas and it is now treasured by everyone that knew and loved this little fellow.
Kathy had photos of Bronte run off onto fabric and from there she went through her stash and collected all the fabric that reflected the "colours of Bronte".  Once that was done she set about designing the quilt top and then sewing her fabrics together.  This was the end result.  Kathy had a beautiful piece of Minkee that she used for the backing.  When you stroke it, you would think you were petting Bronte.
Kathy has many, many more quilts that I could have featured. We chose these and I hope you have enjoyed seeing them. 
Thanks for all you do for me, Kathy.  I truly appreciate it.

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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