Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Polly, Petunia, Penelope, Peter, Paul and Paddy

Well, we had to have Paddy (that's Irish) after all it is March!

Here they are...............the six of them.
While Karl watched tv on Monday night, I traced all the pieces onto fusible web.  Yesterday afternoon I pressed the web onto the fabric.............same choices I made last month.............and then while I had my coffee break at 3 I cut them out.  It only took a few minutes to place them using the layout guide.
Once I had them all individually fused, I decided which went where on the background fabric.
I used two different blacks so I wanted them alternating on the rows.  I could have done 3 and then the
other 3, but I didn't like that idea.

I have a big piece of plexi-glass that I use when I'm doing larger pieces.  I asked Karl today for a piece of glass to lay on top of the plexi-glass.  I found -- quite by accident -- that if you leave your iron too long on the plexi well, let's just say the plexi doesn't like it.  It didn't melt, but it left a mark that I know I can't get out.
With the glass I can just give enough steam to each piece that it will hold until I can get it to the ironing board for a really good press.  I only use Steam-A-Seam.  I have found over the years that it doesn't clog the needle as much as some other brands.  I buy it by the roll from The Hobby Horse.  I always have it in stock in my sewing room.
Once I had the first row the from both sides.  Do the front first with a pressing cloth and don't wiggle that iron.  Then turn it over and give it a good pressing from the back.
Okay back to topic -- once I had the first row done I laid the second piece of background fabric on top of the first and then laid the next three penquins in the same spots.  That way if one is out the others will be too.  At least I'll be consistent.
I'm going to do the blanket stitch again around all the pieces.  I'm doing the black first.  Here is my plan.
First of all, clip on an "open-toed" foot otherwise known as an "applique" foot.  It makes it so much easier to see what you are doing. 
Here is your "map"!  I started along the bottom from one foot to the other and stopped.  Then started on the left side and went up and around the arm.  When I got to where the arm joins the body at the top, I did a straight stitch back down........see the red line (its suppose to be red) and then went back up with the blanket stitch.
I stopped at the top.
Then I started again on the other side.  Down you go to where the arm and body meet and right around.  Up to the top with a straight stitch and then back down with the blanket stitch stopping at the spot where the body and leg meet.
I then did the eyes.  I'll do all the black stitching on all of them, then switch threads.  Probably the white, then the gold and then do the hats.  I'll do the crown of the hat first and then the brim. Hopefully, by the end of the week, they will be done and put away and then I can wait, wait, wait for the next row.  I'm already planning that in my mind.

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