Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fabri-holic! That's me.

Got up early yesterday so after the morning chores were over I asked Karl if he would like to go out for awhile.  He said "OK", so we got in the truck and off we went.  Destination:  Glen Williams, or at least that's what it was called years ago and we still call it that.  Its a lovely little village tucked away in a valley.  Once you get to the bottom of this hill you are there. 
I spent a lot of summers there as a kid -- there and in Georgetown and Erin.  Its quiet and peaceful in the valley.  A perfect spot to visit.
It takes us about 45 minutes to drive to the Glen. Its a direct route and on a perfect "winter" day we do enjoy the trip.  We cross three major highways on the journey and each one can give you different weather.  Strange how that works.  I've left here in sunshine and hit snow by the time I finish my trip.  I've had a snowstorm here and arrived in sunshine.  You just never know!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, this is it!  This is my quilt shop.  I love going here.  I'm sure they love to see me.  I don't go up as often as I should but when I go, I do put a dent in my bank account. 
I saw Gail the shop owner.  I asked her if it was okay to take a few photos.  I want you to see how beatifully the old barn has been re-done.  Feast your eyes on these photos....................Everywhere you look there are samples of patterns, workshops, fabric.  It is fabulous!
Need gadgets..................
or are you looking for fabric.................This is only the upstairs.  There is a fabulous Christmas room downstairs that is open all year round!
This is what I went for and a whole lot more!  I needed some co-ordinates.  I needed some greens, some purples, some blues...............and then I bought what I didn't need!
Those are called "treats" for good behaviour!

The large piece I think I will embellish and make some summer-time pillows for the sofa.  We need a bit of "umph" in the living-room.
If you are in the area, drop in to The Hobby Horse, books, notions, fabric, batting -- everything you need to quilt is available.

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Humboldt Broncos
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