Friday, February 12, 2010

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, books

I love books.  I love to read and love to look at pictures.  I have a few books in my library, some very carefully chosen and others -- well, the same as fabric, why ever did I buy it!  I don't necessarily buy books to make what's inside.  Sometimes I buy it for the pretty pictures, other times for the helpful tips that are contained within.
A couple of the books I own I bought for the patterns but once I started to read, I learned so much from them.  One is Sunbonnet Sue Through the Years.  Now just a minute all you Sunbonnet Sue not likers!  The pages at the beginning of this book are fabulous.  Sue Linker, who wrote the book, spent a lot of time writing the first 7 pages.  The tools and supplies list is perfect and then she gets into technique.....needle turn applique,  how to applique motifs, problem areas in applique and then.........dimensional techniques. I loved these pages.  How to make hats -- POP, flowers-- POP.........great graphic work and this was before EQ came along and made our lives so easy.   I have made one quilt from this book for granddaughter number one and granddaughter number 2......well, her quilt is still in the closet waiting to be finished.  Its hand quilting and as I've said before, not my thing.  I hope to have it done before she has children.

The other books I really like are by Thimbleberries. Lynette is so good about giving tips in her books.  These two books have loads of them.

I made this quilt, but changed the borders on it.  I do that quite often as I firmly believe that a "pattern is only a guideline."  However, if you do that, you should give the original designer credit on your label. 
Oh, my goodness look what I just for you..."At home"  page one and "Book of Quilts" page two.

This last book (for this week) is by Debbie Mumm.  I had great intentions when I bought the book, but you know what happens to intentions..............forgotten for awhile.  (There is a beautiful pattern inside this book for a winter Amaryllis.  It is still on my "wanna do" list.)

Look what I found in the back of this book.......  I can make yo-yo-s in every size you can imagine.  Instructions on how to make them too and on the other page, ruching!  Something that still doesn't look good when I do it.

These books have been on my shelf for awhile.  However, I have been able to find old books through Barnes and Noble in the U.S.A.  I did find two used Sunbonnet books the other day while browsing.  I've bought used books and whoever used them certainly took very good care of them.  Not a mark in them or on them.

I have a philosophy about quilting books............."Never judge the book by the quilts inside.  The book in your hand may hold a fountain of information." 

Next Friday more books I have in my "library".  These I guarantee you can find in "finer bookstores everywhere."

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