Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh's Friday

My friend Irene, who I affectionately call "prairie girl", (guess where she comes from) went up with me one day to The Hobby Horse. We saw this fabulous pattern and you know -- we just had to have it!

Let me state before I go any further that Irene is the embroiderer.  She does the most beautiful work.....possibly that glass of wine she says she drinks while doing it.  I don't drink wine so that is my excuse!
The pattern is called Aunt Bea's Parlour (I spelled that word the Canadian way) and here is where you can find it.  Black Cat Creations  This is what the pattern envelope looks like
Here is what we did.  There are differences in the wallhanging.  Irene did it right.......I did it my way.  I always change things.  Its a problem I have.  I can't have anything look like anybody else's.  Its called "individualism".  Is there such a word?  Is now!
The ones on the top will be Irene's work.......mine are right after.  I tried to do side by side, but that doesn't work.

Amazing the difference in the two, isn't it?

This is the same block.........Irene's looks different from mine.  I had trouble finding mine on my quilt to take the photo. 
Now take another look at these two blocks.  Another difference is there.  Can you spot it?  Irene used four different fabrics to frame her basket block, I used two.  I like it either way. 
Look at the quilting on each one.  The same LA did both quilts.  Did them differently though didn't she?  Mine is cross hatched where the basket is, Irene's has stippling.  Either way both look great.

This is the back of both quilts.  You know you could almost hang this side on the wall.  They are both beautiful. 

Thanks Irene for the photos.  Muchly appreciated.  Wait til you see her next quilts.  Yummy!
I guess I should have told you that we bought kits to make this quilt.  The fabrics are the same.  I did buy two more for mine -- I don't know why, I just did.
That's your eye candy for this week. Tomorrow back to the row by row quilt. I have some tips for putting your blocks together. I'm just working on getting the photos for you.

By the way, if you have quilts that I can post on this blog, you can send the photos along to me via email.  I'll be delighted to showcase your work.

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