Saturday, January 2, 2010

Japanese windows.....part one

I decided today that one of my runners had to be replaced.  It was made in 1998 and hung on a wall for

awhile and then I put it on the hutch underneath my silverware (stainless steel) chest.  It is very faded which is a shame because I really like the fabrics.  I don't know who taught me how to do this.  I wasn't smart enough to put her name on my label.  I say "thanks" to whoever it was.

I redesigned it last night using graph paper.  I want it bigger............about 14 x 40" so its wider and longer.  I don't want the hutch damaged and it seems to be one of those pieces of furniture that is used as a catch all. 

My new blocks will be 7" finished for a wider window.  I have a lot of 1930's fabrics in my stash so I took that box down and started to check out what I had.  This fabric will be the background.  I cut 12......
7 1/2" x 7 1/2" squares.  I then chose 16 other fabrics from the stash that didn't blend with this background. 
I cut each of these fabrics 6" x 6". There are 3 cuts from each fabric.

Once all of the fabrics are cut, I then take them to the ironing board and press them in half  -- on the diagonal.

When all are pressed in half, I then turn back the

folded edge 1/4" spraying it liberally with starch
so that it is set.  Each triangle must be done. 

When all the triangles are completed I then start to place them on the background.  I have chosen which order they will be laid out.  I don't want too many lights on one block.  I have tried to arrange them so that there is a light, a dark, a light a dark.  You start by laying out one triangle on a corner and continue around the block until you have all four set on.  I pin in the corner as I go around and then go back and pin where the fold is, so that it won't shift when I sew it down.

When you get to the last triangle, you will notice that the first one is not the same as the rest of them.  You will have to lift the corner of the first triangle and lay the fourth one underneath.

After I have completed laying the block together, I then baste around the edge within the 1/4" seam allowance I will use to join them together.


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