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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How do I mark it?

I have a variety of pens that I use to mark my quilt tops.  I have 4 favourites that are kept together and when I'm ready to mark I can usually find them.  I don't mark my quilt top before sandwiching.......I mark as I go.
When marking on a dark fabric, I use a pen by Clover .  I purchase these pens at Sewing Machines, etc., in Burlington.  It marks the fabric white.  I place the template on the fabric and trace around the edge.  This particular pen will not show up immediately..............it takes a few seconds, but it does work well.

I also use a Fons and Porter product for marking.  This is the same as a mechanical pencil, but for fabric.   It is white lead.  The place I originally purchased it doesn't seem to carry it anymore, but Connecting Threads, an online quilting supply company does and last I checked it was on sale!

Light fabrics................what do I do with them.  Ah-ha!  I have this super pen I found and when it runs out I'm going to make sure
 I buy the same thing again.  I love this pen.  It is purple in colour and has worked on all the light fabrics I have tried it on.   The pen is a fine point disappearing ink pen.  I have no idea where I bought it, so I could be in trouble when I have to replace it.  It is made by Dritz so I think I may try Fabricland.  I think I better start looking soon.  I've had it for awhile. 

The last pen has been in my marking pen box for many, many years and I won't part with it.  I don't use it as often as I used to, but I won't get rid of it either.  I bought it when I used to "hand quilt"...........something I don't do anymore.  It is the Ultimate Marking Pencil.  It is a mechanical pencil with lead made specifically for fabric.  I use the original black leads.  I found the coloured leads broke as soon as they touched the fabric.  The reason everyone used them was because the lead fit through the cuttings in a stencil. 

The reason I don't mark before I am ready to sew is because some of the pens on the market today will be permanent if they have any heat applied to them.  Some packages will tell you this.  I am one of those that doesn't read directions fully (because they are printed so ruddy small), however someone once told me when I was buying a marking pen that this could happen.  I now apply that rule to every pen I buy.
Try a variety of marking pens/pencils out until you find your favourite.  Some people love chaco liners which are made by Clover.  I have never bought them , however I see that The  Hobby Horse in Georgetown and  Connecting Threads carry them.  Check the store where you buy your quilting supplies.

by Maya Angelou

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