Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, books

I went over to visit my friend Diane on Sunday.  She is heading down to Florida in January and will stay there until April.  She kindly lent me these books to peruse while she is basking in the sunshine on the golf course, or spending money at her favourite fabric stores.  Lucky girl!

I have glanced at a couple of them and they are good.  I'm looking forward to getting into them after the holidays.  There are a few things I would like to try.  I think I'll miniaturize them if I can.  I love stained glass quilts so I will probably spend days browsing this book.

This is from Connecting Threads.  They have had some wonderful sales this December and I decided to take advantage of them.  The camping fabric is for a boy's quilt that we will donate next year.  Boys fabrics aren't the easiest to find at very reasonable prices.  The large piece of fabric that resembles basket weave is for a backing for a quilt that was on Bunny Hill Designs.  I refuse to put an $18.00 a metre fabric on the back of a quilt that is going to hang on a wall.

The English Paper Piecing selection is for Christmas decorations that were featured on Connecting Threads.  EPP is time consuming, but a great little thing to take along to places like the Doctor's office while you wait.  My DH is going into hospital in March so I'll take it along and stitch while I visit him.

Time to get back to the housework.  Tomorrow shall see me in the kitchen and I'm taking a little break from that sometime during the day and doing a bit of machine quilting.

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Humboldt Broncos
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