Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jelly Rolls.....Part Two

Very late last night I finished the top.  The final border doesn't show very well as it is a light yellow on two sides and then light green on the other two sides. 
It will be bound in the bright fuchsia. I think that's what they call this colour. 
I honestly thought that making this I would have been done with all those strips.  Not!  There were more left on the table.

I had a super idea for a backing.  I have this panel that was going to be used to make back paddings for the rockers we use on our patio.  They are bright and colorful and would be easy to do.  Just sew together with
the coordinate I purchased at the same time.

Sorry, I gave a bit of a pig-trail there!  I cut one floral panel out and started to sew strips of the jelly rolls together. I needed about a 38" length.  It was do-able with what I had.  I looked around and there were still more strips in various lengths.  I think they were multiplying as I was calculating.  I took a strip of fuchsia to each side and then strips, another strip of fuchsia and oh look, the strips are diminishing in that pile!  The final border is about a 7 1/2" cut.  I like this and now am not too sure if it will be a backing or a table topper for our patio table.  I think I will get the floral panels done up and see how everything looks together. 

There are still a few strips left over and I think they may just disappear from my sewing room.  I did get a lot out of these but I really don't want to see anymore of them.

I have made a major decision.  The next time I see jelly rolls in a store, I am going to leave them there.  They are restrictive in the sense that there is only so much one can do with them.  Yardage is my cup of tea...........lots and lots of yardage.

Oh, a little finish up here.  I did use my EQ6 every step of the way when planning this backing.  I had to make sure I had enough of the fuchsia to finish everything up.

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Humboldt Broncos
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